At The Chiropractors, LLC we offer a variety of services to fit the individual needs of our patients.

We work with you to develop a treatment plan to complement your lifestyle.

Chiropractic Adjustments

Comfortable spine and extremity adjustments using 5 different chiropractic techniques: Thompson, Diversified, Gonstead, Activator, and Toggle Recoil. By utilizing the different techniques enables us to customize care to your personal preferences so that treatment is comfortable.

Interferential Current Therapy (IFC)

Interferential Current therapy is used to relieve pain and accelerate the self-healing process, getting your body back to a pain free state. Underlying tissue and nerves are stimulated which begins the healing properties. These impulses are not painful; it feels more like as a minor prickle on their skin. This form of therapy is also extremely useful in reducing pain, inflammation, curing edema, and spasms.

• Reduces or eliminates your pain safely.
• Noticeable decrease in swelling and inflammation.
• Restores lost movement and improves restricted movements and coordination.

Considered by many experts as a highly effective form of treatment for chronic pain.

Ultrasound Therapy

• An excellent option for deep tissue injuries.
• Helps in improving blood circulation and may speed up the healing process.
• Aids in reducing swelling and edema in affected area.
• Enhances the revival of damaged tissues.

Ultrasound is a therapy is used for treating chronic pain and various kinds of disorders such as arthritis, fibromyalgia and acute injuries.

Ultrasound therapy makes use of ultrasound waves in order to target problems that are present deep inside the body without breaking the skin’s surface.

Ultrasound is used for therapeutic purposes in such a way that the high-frequency sound waves reach the affected area and relieve the pain without side effect.

Ultrasound therapy can be an ideal way to effectively treat musculoskeletal injuries, joint pains, soft tissue injuries.

Custom molded orthotics

Your feet naturally have three arches on the bottom. They are the medial longitudinal arch, the lateral longitudinal arch and the transverse arch.

Our arches are present to serve as shock absorbers when we walk and run. As we age, use and abuse our feet, we stretch out our arches and unfortunately, after they are over stretched they do not bounce back and we develop “flat feet” or “fallen arches.”

When feet have their proper arches they are able to support the body all the way up to the neck. Now picture one of the medial longitudinal arches (the arches that face the middle) being gone. Can that knee be directly over the ankle any more? No. When a medial longitudinal arch falls, it forces the knee to move towards mid line, which in turn makes the hip on that side fall.

This change in the hip structure can lead to low back pain, mid back pain, even neck pain and headaches.

It is very important to take care of your feet by having good fitting shoes with good support of your arches. If you are feeling chronic pain in your spine then maybe it is time to see if a custom orthotic is right for you. A good custom orthotic will support all three arches of your foot so that the rest of your body stays inline.

In-network for most Insurances

We are in network with all of the major and a lot of the minor insurance companies that service the Lake Country area and the rest of South East Wisconsin. Companies include but are not limited to:

United Health Care
Blue Cross Blue Shield
And more!!

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