Do you feel bloated and gassy? “I have stomach issues.” I overheard this comment…

Do you feel bloated and gassy?

“I have stomach issues.”

I overheard this comment, ironically, while writing this article. My fellow coffee-shop go-er is not alone.
60 to70 MILLION people were affected by digestive diseases as of 2009.
1. Are you popping antacids?

Do you have an upset stomach several times a week?
It’s miserable feeling bloated and gassy.
You don’t have to feel that way.
A few strategic changes can go a long way in helping your digestive system to function better. Here are a few simple suggestions to consider:

1. Get adjusted – Not because it’s a service that we offer. But because your spine affects how your digestive system functions. The Autonomic Nervous System graphic shows the parts of your spine that are linked to digestive health. This is explained further below.

2. Eating right – What you eat can cause digestive issues and affect how your body processes food. How your body digests food affects the nutrition that your body receives. In turn, that affects how the entire body functions.

3. Take supplements – The digestive system sometimes needs help processing food, and supplements are one way to do that.

4. Exercise – It’s important to get moving (or keep moving if you currently exercise) in some way. Dancing, running, walking, stretching, playing catch are just a few of the many ways to get some exercise in without joining a gym. Of course, gym memberships and exercise classes are great and exercising with other people can help be a motivator on the days that we just don’t feel like exercising. Movement helps the digestive system to process food and with detoxing the body.

Digestive Health && The Spine Highlighted
The digestive system includes parts of the body that we don’t typical think of when we talk digestion. Our mouth, throat, stomach, intestines, and rectum along with their related parts and functions make a difference in how our digestive systems function. The graphic above shows how each part is connected to the nervous system
Circles on the graphic highlight two of the several parts of the digestive system – the stomach and intestines. The squares highlight parts of the spine that primarily affect the digestive system. However, if you follow each line in the diagram you can see that even more of the spine is involved.

Digestive health can affect how we feel and function. By making a few simple changes such as getting adjusted, eating right and exercising, you may be able to improve your digestive system and minimize the number of times you say, “I have stomach issues.”

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