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Our Story

The Chiropractors, LLC was started under a different name in 2006 in office on the 3rd floor of West Wood Health and Fitness Center. Over the years we have continued to grow out of 4 offices.  On Dec 1st, 2020 we moved to our current location Throughout the years we have added complimentary businesses and services to our office making it a great one-stop shop for your healthcare needs.  We house Chiropractic, Massage, Health Coaching, Halotherapy, Infrared therapy, acupuncture, and Nutrition support.

Meet the Team

Within our suite we now have 6 practitioners offering the following services:

Chiropractic and Health Coaching

The Chiropractors, LLC

Christopher Rebholz, DC

Allison Knight
(Health Coach)



Acupuncture and Nutrition

Acupuncture and Nutrition Specialists of Wisconsin



Kyle Marie Rebholz Massage

Lonna's Serenity Massage
Lonna Kissling

Salt and Infrared Sauna Therapy

Get Salty & Lit

Practice Style and Philosophy

Dr. Chris has always practiced under the premise of, treat others the way he would like to be treated. He will not recommend someone do something, take something or wear something that he would not do himself. It sounds like a no brainer but unfortunately, there are a lot of businesses that do not operate under those same ideals.
Dr. Chris believes that life is too short to live with aches and pains. There are so many healthcare options out there. Get a second, third or fourth opinion and take control of your healthcare.
We provide Chiropractic adjustments utilizing 5 different techniques ranging from light force to high force depending on patients’ comfort and/or condition. We also provide custom built orthotics, whole food supplements, ultrasound therapy and interferential therapy.

At our practice we have a lot of fun at our various holiday parties and patient appreciation days. It gives us chance to give back to our patients, socialize with them and learn a little more about them personally. Plus it also gives us another reason to bring out the popcorn machine!

When Dr. Chris was asked about why does he like about being a chiropractor, here is his response.

I absolutely LOVE what I do! I can take a person who can barely get on my table and then they walk out of my office feeling great. I can take a mom or dad than cannot get down on the ground anymore to play with their children because of the pain, down on the ground (and back up again!) Everyday, I change someone’s life. Most of the time it is small things, but every once in a while it is something big and significant and it makes me smile. Who gets to say that with their job? I often tell my children, when they are thinking about what the want to do for their careers, do something that inspires them, something that you don’t think of as work. Do something that you can be proud of.

Community and Family

Dr. Chris and his wife Rebecca have 3 children, Devon, Alex and Tanner. They all keep busy doing things they all enjoy. Devon has a degree in sound engineering and you can catch him playing shows around Hartland. Alex likes to babysit for the neighbors, figure skate and takes karate lessons with Dr. Chris. Tanner has been in martial arts for several years. He is a true leader. He is part of a leadership team both at school as well as at karate. He also enjoys camping and doing activities with boy scouts as well as any activity involving a ball and being outside.

The family likes to volunteer where they can. As a business owner Dr. Chris admits that his children are often volunTOLD to do things, but they do it with a smile, (most of the time.) They like to help out at the Hartland Street Dance and the Holiday Train when it comes into town. Dr. Chris and Rebecca also enjoy helping out in various roles with in the scouting organizations (Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts). Additionally, Dr. Chris has been proudly serving as Vice President for the Village of Hartland Police and Fire commission. He has been a commissioner since 2011.


Christopher Rebholz, D.C., a graduate of Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport Iowa, is proud to be practicing at The Chiropractors, LLC.

During his education at Palmer Dr. Rebholz developed a deeper passion and desire to help others experience the power that the human body has to heal itself once the spine and the nervous system are working well together. His philosophy is to find the true causes of problems rather than treating symptoms. This approach provides true healing, not just a “quick fix”.

Throughout the final term at school, Dr. Rebholz served as the clinical teaching assistant where he learned first hand how the science, art and philosophy of chiropractic was helping people all over the community. He is now looking forward to helping people in the lake country area.

Dr. Rebholz is trained in six different chiropractic techniques and prides himself on giving individualized care to each patient. Dr. Rebholz has cared for patients ranging from days old to seniors, all with a wide variety of symptoms.

Dr. Rebholz grew up in Waukesha and has lived in Hartland since 2004 with his wife and three children.

His advice: give chiropractic a try!

Palmer Alumni Advantage

Massage Therapist

Lonna Kissling attended Anthem College in Brookfield, Wisconsin and have been practicing since 2012.

I specialize in cupping, hot stones, prenatal, neuromuscular, oncology massage, reflexology, stretching, range of motion, Swedish massage, lymphatic and trigger point work.

Her goal is to help people live better lives and helping with there pain by utilizing the healing benefits of massage therapy.